How to Sell a Property Equipped With Solar Panels

How to Sell a Property Equipped With Solar Panels

The study conducted by Zillow Economic Research revealed that homes with solar energy systems sell for an average of 4.1% more than similar homes without solar power. This finding supports the growing trend of homeowners trusting in solar technology, which is further boosted by a streamlined warranty process.

Understanding the Transfer of Solar Panel Ownership

Transferring the ownership of solar panels is straightforward, particularly when the panels are fully owned and free of any liens. This simplicity facilitates the process during real estate transactions.

However, if the solar energy system is leased, the panels are usually owned by a third party. In such cases, the seller’s objective is to transfer the lease agreement to the new homeowner. It is beneficial for sellers to share how the solar installation has positively impacted them and to assure the buyer that most maintenance will be handled by the third party owner. This arrangement can relieve the new homeowner of unexpected repair costs, with only regular cleaning and maintenance required.

Selling a Home Equipped with Solar Panels Has Many Advantages

Solar energy attracts considerable interest for many reasons. Installing a solar power system can significantly enhance the value of your property. According to a study by Berkeley Lab, homes with solar installations can sell for about $15,000 more.

Solar systems not only increase property values but can also quicken the sales process by up to 20%. This benefits a broad range of stakeholders, including appraisers and real estate professionals, and it is advantageous for both buyers and sellers while also benefiting the environment. The potential for reducing or completely eliminating electricity costs is particularly appealing, especially as fossil fuel prices continue to rise.

By demonstrating the financial benefits gained from your solar investment, you can attract prospective buyers who value a lower carbon footprint. This positions sellers to potentially command higher prices and possibly recoup their entire investment.

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