Office Security And Well Being

Characteristics of Type II Events A Type II office violence event involves an assault by somebody who is either the recipient or the item of a service provided by the affected office or the victim. Retail robberies resulting in workplace assaults often occur between the hours of eleven within the night and six in the morning and are most frequently armed robberies. When extrapolated to the American working inhabitants, these results indicate that 2 million staff have been physically attacked, 6 million have been threatened and 16 million have been harassed. In the Northwestern Life Study, lots of the workers who experienced damage, or menace of damage, skilled psychologic trauma and stress-related issues after the event which disrupted their work and residential life. Nonfatal Injury and Threat of Injury Homicide is only part of the workplace violence problem–assaults which end in nonfatal harm, or in the menace of harm, are more frequent than these which lead to fatal damage.

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