Why Roof Snow Removal is Crucial for Homeowners

While most homeowners take care to remove snow from their driveways and entryway areas, they often forget that the roof requires the same level of attention. A too-heavy roof from too much snow can lead to leaks and ice dams, which can cause significant damage. A professional should always do snow removal to ensure safety and prevent damage. Here are the top reasons to schedule a roof snow removal service this winter.

Damage to the Roof

If a roof has too much snow on it, it can place a lot of stress on the structure. One square foot of an inch deep snow weighs a pound, so even a modest accumulation can put your roof under significant strain. And ice dams can add another few hundred pounds to the overall pressure on the roof. A smart homeowner knows that roof snow removal plans, such as removing a light snowfall before it becomes packed or icy, are often enough to keep the roof intact and prevent problems. But it’s also crucial to monitor weather forecasts. Removing roof snow should be a high priority if it looks like a second storm could pile on more snow shortly. If you wait, a roof under extra weight can cave in and cause serious water damage throughout the house. This can lead to warped internal doors, cracked drywall and plaster, and other costly issues requiring thousands of dollars to repair.


Icicles might be beautiful and a winter classic in movies, books, and cartoons, but they can also cause damage. Hanging icicles can be dangerous for people and pets that may fall beneath them, and the weight of large ice formations can weaken the structure of your roof.

Ice Dams

Hanging icicles and ice dams are dangerous and must be dealt with immediately. The weight of the ice blocks water from draining off the roof and can weaken it over time. When the ice melts, it can seep under the shingles and enter the home, damaging walls and ceilings and causing mold and mildew. Homeowners who attempt to remove the ice dam themselves risk falling off the roof and being seriously injured. They also risk harming the top or causing damage to the house by climbing on ladders in slippery conditions. A better option is to hire a contractor who uses specialized tools and techniques to remove the ice dams safely and quickly. These professionals can also perform longer-term improvements to help keep the ice dams from returning. These include sealing the attic hatch, rerouting exhaust systems away from the soffit, caulking leaks, installing chimney flashing, and ensuring that light fixtures don’t release too much heat into the attic.

Water Damage

Water damage is still a concern regardless of how much snow accumulates on your roof. A leaking roof can cause ceilings, structures, and infrastructure to warp and crack. Additionally, this damage to your home can lead to mold and rot. Deep snow drifts, especially older ones, can also place too much weight on a roof. This additional load can cause a roof to collapse. Homeowners should check their insurance policy to see the coverage for roof failure due to excessive snow load. This may be covered in some cases, but in others, it may not. If your roof is prone to ice dams or icicles, consider hiring an expert to remove the snow. They can use heating cables to prevent ice buildup and ensure the ice melts before causing problems. This is a cost-effective way to avoid costly roof leaks. Also, they can safely rake the snow off your roof and avoid the need to climb a ladder in cold and icy conditions.

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