Workplace Health Safety & Security Procedures

Until further notice, all proposed citations arising from grievance investigations shall be forwarded to the Chief’s Office for review by the Legal Unit prior to being issued to the employer. In addition, District and Regional Managers shall evaluate any issues encountered by compliance personnel in the course of the efficiency of office security criticism inspections. The final resolution to Type I occasions may indeed contain societal modifications, however until such modifications happen it’s still the employer’s obligation underneath California regulation to provide a protected and healthful place of employment for their staff.

Rave Mobile Security Celebrates Womens History Month

Customers/Client notion – Some of your visitors, clients, or clients would possibly feel protected when security guard greets them wat the door, but some may feel a bit uneasy. Normally, the face-to-face meetings are the best way of sharing data and making sure that your message is heard. But, still, it would be a great idea after the meeting to create a reference guide from the gathered data.

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